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Value for Investors

We believe that SPACs are here to stay for the long-term.


Management teams will increasingly prefer SPACs with high quality sponsor teams to “alternative executions," such as traditional IPO's and corporate M&A.


We are firmly convinced that a well-designed SPAC is an optimal method for us to create value for investors.

Abundant late stage private capital


We are passionate about FinTech and helping build outstanding businesses in this industry. 

FinTech is a large rising tide - extremely fertile ground to deploy capital and create long-term value.

FinTech assets are at an inflection point; abundant late stage private capital has increased the supply of relatively mature private companies that are ready to enter the public markets.



We assembled a world-class sponsor team & board that have known, and worked with, each other for decades.​ 

We have a long track record of leading and scaling FinTech businesses and driving value-creating transactions.​ 


We have a strong history of navigating companies from private to public markets through IPOs, SPACs and M&A.​ 


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